Wedding Photography in Venice

[ Venice has always inspired photographers but when it comes to wedding photography, no other city can compare in setting the stage for a couple’s deepest emotions.

As your wedding photographer, my goal is to sense and capture these emotions in images that will bring to life the feeling of your wedding day’s magical moments.

My experience as professional commercial photographer in fashion and photojournalism, still life and fine arts benefits my non-traditional approach to wedding photography and my search for elegant yet authentic images.

Together we will create a visual diary that will celebrate the unique beauty of your happiness and love.


Costume photography in Venice

Venice is also the perfect stage for costume photography.

In collaboration with Stefano Nicolao, one of Venice's most renowned costume stylists, we offer the exciting opportunity to book a location shoot in historic or carnival costumes.

Stefano and I have produced a number of stunning projects, including a calendar covering twelve Centuries of Venetian Costume Design.


On request, we can also arrange to rent a Venetian palace for your special photographic session.

wedding and costume photography